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Djalma Primordial Science regularly leads workshops for actors, dancers, visual artists and all those interested in exploring movement and sound from unconditioned spaces internal to the body. Djalma workshops have been hosted internationally by organizations such as Mime Centrum Berlin, 

Theater Training Initiative of London, Exploratorium Berlin, Nordic School of Butoh, and RAMDAM.


Cheminer en Terrains Inconnus
Physical Research
dedicated to the encounter of the body
and the environment

Led by Ephia Gburek
with the contrabass player Benoit Cancoin
August 7-13, 2017 at RE.SOURCES
Valcivières - Auvergne - France

Listen from within. Question borders. Position oneself on the threshold. A frontier, imperfect and torn. Wait here on the edge: this limit similar to what separates night from day, hardly a membrane... Wait here... and pass through.

This dance workshop develops the perception, imagination, and presence of the body through physical experiences in nature. A drama dormant in the landscape reveals itself, lending us its instability, transforming our posture, our thoughts. Traveling from spaces inside the body toward the environment which surrounds us, we elaborate a practice of physical listening. We enter into resonance with the place, the group, an object, a material. And so, the movement of our body encourages the movement of our consciousness, dissolving borders: inside and outside.

Let us consider dance as discipline of madness for human evolution, permitting us to climb over the walls that society has constructed around the body.

After her stay in Japan at the body Weather Farm of Min Tanaka, Ephia Gburek (Djalma Primordial Science) developed this physical training by proposing four summer workshops from 2002 to 2006 in the desert wilderness of New Mexico. Since then, the research has continued in France with workshops in the gorges of the Tarn et Garronne (2008, 2009), on the Plateau of Aubrac (2010), and on the Plateau of Velay in the Haut-Loire area (2012). This tenth edition will take place once again at RE.SOURCES in a mountainous region of Auvergne at 900 m altitude.


I enter a place in order to sense her perspective. I ask this place how to dance within her...

Through sensory games, through tactile listening and multiple ways of seeing and receiving, we open passages between the body and the environment, the quotidian and the dream, the individual and the group. Blinded, we lengthen our nerves beyond the clothing of the skin to expand our perception of the “living space” which surrounds us. 

Change perspective, change scale. Relinquish personal and then human landmarks. Lose oneself, merging pleasantly into matter, into the landscape.

I begin to be involved, to be enveloped. Immersed, I lack a point of view. I begin to feel...

Ice nervously cracks, crystals of sugar sigh and dissolve into the tea, water vapor condenses on the face of the stone, smoke wanders lazily across the wool of the pull-over. Human-being rediscovers a relation to his material cousins: sawdust, rust, dripping honey... Let us enter into their material dances, exquisite and infinitesimal, penetrating the very physicality of emotion. Untamed existences, moving beyond or falling short of expression: our daily training will be through acts of metamorphosis.

Following a clear intention, I allow myself to become lost in order to discover unknown pathways...

Standing face to face with ourselves, we experience our own body as a foreign landscape. We discover new identity: no identity, a liberation born from the permeability of borders.

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The first part of the day is spent inside the studio accompanied by the contrabass of Benoit Cancoin.

A vigorous warm-up circle opens our doors each morning and strengthens relation: to place, to the group, to our sensations, our respiration and voice. This circle, a multiple-faced mirror, which dilates and contracts is first and foremost an energetic practice. With the precision of a ritual, tuned to the present moment, we wake up muscles and articulations while opening energetic pathways. Inside this movement structure, we listen to internal and external phenomena, play with the elasticity of Time and the possibilities of opening and modifying a collective consciousness. And so, a shared or common body comes into existence.

The day continues with individual, partner and group research:

We connect with and initiate movement from our different body systems (nerve, muscle, bone, blood, breath). We experiment how to alter the flow of Time and the density of space, how the interior sensations evolve with the shifting of the posture, and how to go beyond the limits of our person. Leaving behind our will to act (to meet expectations), we “step back” and permit an image to animate us from the inside.

The second part of the day takes place outside and is dedicated to the encounter of the body and the environment.

Walking meditations invite us to play with the transformation of our quotidian: reflections, shadows, sounds, passages, colors, meetings, departures take on new resonance as in a dream. Listening-in further, we experience how the environment can transform our presence. Blindfolded exercises permit us to discover different ways of guiding and being guided. Without eyesight, other senses flourish and the body adapts to the generous invitations of an unstable terrain. The body of our blind partner, or even an object, becomes our prosthesis, a poetic extension of our anatomy. We enter into her experience and open new possibilities ...of being. 




The workshop will be taught in French and English. This workshop is open to dancers, actors, poets, visual artists and all others who wish to wander through the interior spaces of the body...outside.

Arrival : Sunday the 6th of August from 16:00 pm onward.
Departure : Saturday the 13th of August from 10:00 am

Six days of practice. Approximately seven hours each day from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 18:00. With occasional evening sessions.

Site : RE.SOURCES is a dance studio of 160m2 built in a former sheep farm, located in middle mountain elevation at 900 meters of altitude. The studio is located just above the quaint village of Valcivières on the road of Col de Supeyres, 15 minutes away from the city of Ambert and 75 km away from Clermont-Ferrand and Saint Etienne.

Address : RE.SOURCES, lieu dit La Moronie 63600 Valcivières, FRANCE

Lodging : Workshop members will stay in « La Cheveyre », a cottage in the heart of Valcivières, ten minutes walking distance from the studio. Shared rooms for 3 to 5 people with shower. This cottage is reserved for the 16 members of the workshop.

Meals : .A large kitchen is available for participants to prepare meals together. Plan a budget for the food costs of 70 euros. The shopping will be made in advance and during the workshop.

Transportation: If you come by public transport, one must arrive at Vichy by train and then take a TER bus to Ambert. To book your tickets, visit A carpool from Ambert to the workshop site will be coordinated. In order to organize other carpools with workshop participants coming from longer distances by car, we will send around a contact list.

Other: Bring warm and comfortable clothing. Summer nights can be quite cold in this mountainous region. Good shoes are necessary for our explorations in nature.

Workshop teacher's fee: 330 euros
Lodging: 98 euros (for the seven nights)
Food cost: 70 euros
Total= 498 euro

Maximum number of participants : 16

To apply: Please fill out the attached inscription form. Your place is reserved upon the reception of a deposit of 150 euros toward the total workshop cost. In case of cancellation, this deposit is refunded until July 6th, 2017 minus 30% for our administrative fees. After this date, no refunds are possible. The remaining workshop balance is to be paid in full before July 30th
2017. You will receive a letter explaining what to bring and how to reach the workshop location.


integrating with/ disintegrating into: THE LAND (2002-2006).

dance workshops led by Djalma Primordial Science
in the desert of Mountainair, New Mexico. 

Statements from workshop participants:

"I can feel the effects of it in my bones and in my heart and, well, in my courage. The fact that the workshop and the dance itself are so physically AND emotionally demanding helped me to put my mind into my body, and manifest both right here, on the surface of the earth. I think the work you're doing is very important, that I am honored to have participated in it." Benjamin Walsh, filmmaker


"This has been the closest I have felt to nature ever--nature, my own nature. Smashing my face in the soil, walking through prickly trees, searing the earth with the soles of my feet. Feeling my body’s presence I can begin to understand that I am from the Earth. In this way death can be thought of as a journey home." Shada McKenzie, visual artist

"I deeply appreciate the uncompromising, the continual push of the limits of my physicality and the limits of my perception. I have broken and healed many times throughout the workshop; I leave transformed."

Rosie Brandenburger, musician/environmentalist


"Things knotted up inside me unraveled: it had to do with the small becoming large and the large becoming small; the close distant, the distant intimate. Attachment and its relationship to violence. Disintegration and its relationship to Love. Everyday I got to enter another world and to explore how much of the other worlds I could bring back with me, how much of myself I could leave there. Each exercise was a multi-dimensional poem: perfect little poems expanding and contracting in all directions, out to the bear star and as deep as my spleen. I loved to listen to the instructions, the phrasing, the images, the pace. Language itself became a rabbit hole." Melanie Noel, poet

“I have not forgotten what it was like rolling into some worm like existence, morphing into wiry and crooked trees whose elderly lifeless limbs lay strewn about pushing accusatory suggestions into the body i once knew, the inspiration of which released me into the exquisite beauty and pain of a tree and its' being, and i must wonder, perhaps as i catch glimpses of nearly forgotten dreams, like rain. a flash or a flicker of some sun beaten synaptic landscape that sits up as quick as mountain’s form and begs to know if the tree became me ? or i became the tree? ” Ken Cornell, experimental musician